Content Strategy for Startups + Roadmap

So, to be able to do this, you can actually conduct content audits for your website if you are an existing startup, and then see if you have any missing points against your competitors or if you have content that is underperforming and you need to update or you need to optimize.

Or if you’re a new startup, from the output from your questioning, you can find competitors’ websites, audit their websites, and see what is actually performing well, and then in which steps you should start to take the most out of your journey.

Because time is important for you and budget is important for you, and if you start from the highest opportunity and highest impact, you can actually have more advantage in the upcoming stage.

So in this stage, basically, what you need to do is audit your website content if you have a current website, see which page or which content you are getting traffic for or from, and see if you have technical problems on the website that are preventing you from getting indexed by Google. Or if your internal linkings are not accurate enough, you can improve your internal linking and user journey across your customer and search journey stage and also across your business niche and your goals. For example, if you want to collect leads, if you want to sell a product, if you want to end up just increasing your awareness, then people may find your stores later in some other area, etc.

So, these are all integrated into each other, but at the same time, you need to answer some questions before you get into the other stages of the journey.

4. Content gap analysis

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