Siloed Tech Prompts Security Worries

IT leaders are concerned that employing multiple technology management systems could increase security blind spots and cyber risk, according to new research. A snapshot survey, conducted in January 2022 by Gatepoint Research and funded by Enterprise Technology Management (ETM) solutions provider Oomnitza, questioned IT leaders from 100 enterprises of more than 5000 employees across industries in the United States.  … Read more

UK: Concerns Raised Over Chinese Surveillance Camera Firm | Technology News

LONDON (AP) — An independent monitor of Britain’s use of surveillance cameras has asked for the government to clarify its positions on buying equipment from a Chinese technology company accused of involvement in human rights abuses. Fraser Sampson, the biometrics and surveillance camera commissioner, said he raised concerns with senior Cabinet officials after Hikvision failed … Read more

Researchers develop a paper-thin loudspeaker | MIT News

MIT engineers have developed a paper-thin loudspeaker that can turn any surface into an active audio source. This thin-film loudspeaker produces sound with minimal distortion while using a fraction of the energy required by a traditional loudspeaker. The hand-sized loudspeaker the team demonstrated, which weighs about as much as a dime, can generate high-quality sound … Read more

Estimating the informativeness of data | MIT News

Not all data are created equal. But how much information is any piece of data likely to contain? This question is central to medical testing, designing scientific experiments, and even to everyday human learning and thinking. MIT researchers have developed a new way to solve this problem, opening up new applications in medicine, scientific discovery, … Read more